About Me

Stacey Petzold, Chief Scribbler of Stacey Petzold Graphic Design (SPGD), LLC standing in a garden

More about SPGD’s Chief Scribbler…

Stacey got her start in the art business early – sleeping in a crib in the corner of the drafting office/ad agency/art studio that occupied a room in her parents’ house. She played with T-squares, drafting pens, Letraset and magic markers all through childhood. After a foray into both the corporate and education worlds, she is now working as a freelancer in Connecticut, specializing in graphic design and business materials.

In the past few years, she has developed logos, designed stationery, put together catalogs, school annuals, show and exhibition programs, interactive presentations, web elements, brochures, posters, business cards, booklets and workbooks. She has also updated and maintained WordPress sites.

She gains inspiration through travel, experiencing other cultures, music and mixing with other art and design minded folk. In her spare time, she reads voraciously, dabbles in calligraphy and photography, paints, builds miniatures and plays the ukulele and banjo.

Stacey’s pronouns are she/her.

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