Road ID – Branding Done Right

I recently purchased an item at Road ID ( and I was completely blown away by how on point and how consistent their branding is. They are an ID company that makes IDs and medical IDs for active people, kids, pets. Not only does their branding speak to the whole active lifestyle/outdoor aesthetic, but it’s also has a really friendly vibe. Bravo to their designers.

Here are some examples:


It’s not that hard in this day and age to have a brand consistent landing page. What you don’t see as often is brand continuity through all the other fine points. Their Contact Page is a case in point. I found myself visiting every single page on their site to see how it was written.


When my ID bracelet arrived, it included this very charming note from Nanette. This ties in beautifully to their image as a small business run by personable staff.


Their product is beautifully packaged. Not only is there no excess packaging (Hooray!), but they’ve used the space wisely. They’ve even continued their quirky brand image on the white spaces on the side of the box.


So I was expecting my package to arrive in the standard mailing envelope, but no, that’s on brand too and I had a good chuckle reading it thorough before opening it.