Some Favorite Design Books

In addition to the vast world out there on the internet, I also have several print books in my design arsenal. I’m a tactile person, what can I say?

Here are some of the books I find most useful…

  • Meggs’ History of Graphic Design – Philip B. Meggs – useful for all sorts of inspiration. Also handy as an historical reference
  • The Designer’s Dictionary of Color – Sean Adams – useful for things like a color’s creative history, cultural associations, etc.
  • The Elements of Typographical Style – Robert Bringhurst – both practical and historical uses of type
  • The Designer’s Desktop Manual – a useful primer for someone starting out in the business – and a good refresher for someone who’s done this for a while
  • Thinking with Type – Ellen Lupton – all about spacing, use, typefaces, families etc.

Do you have any favorite design books?

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