What to Ask Your Designer

I’ve had some clients who come to me with projects and then are stuck on how to go about the process. So here are some things you should ask your designer so that you know you are on the same page.

  1. Have they had experience in designing the item you are looking for. i.e., if you need a logo, is this something they’ve done in the past?
  2. Can they meet your deadline – is this something you need urgently, or do you have time?
  3. How many versions will they design for you to choose from? Once I’ve established color preference, any client ideas, etc. from the preliminary meeting I’ll usually send 3-5 ideas for them to pick from before I refine the item of their choice
  4. What are their rates? Do they bill a flat amount per item – and what do you get for that price – number of revisions, etc. Or do they bill by time?
  5. Do they print inhouse or outsource if you are working on a print project?
  6. If appropriate, are they willing to sign an NDA?

Those are the ones I’m usually asked. Hope this helps.