My Design Process

Since I’m often asked about my process, here you go.

First and foremost I like to meet with the client – preferably in person, but zoom works too. This gives me an idea of who they are, what their design sensibilities are, etc. We discuss:

  • The scope of the project
  • Touch on things like preferred colors if any, preferred style if any, things to avoid, and so on.
  • We discuss timeline.
  • I ask for their logo file
  • Do they have an image, text or other content they want to use?
  • If it’s a custom item, the size required.

Then I head to the studio where I do the following:

  • Research into what other companies have done, color combos, inspirational imagery if appropriate and so on.
  • Several quick pen and paper sketches to see what does and doesn’t work.
  • A lot of thinking and mulling over of ideas.
  • Around 4 examples of better drawn (or computer generated depending on the work required) to send to the client incorporating color once I’ve seen what does/doesn’t work.
  • If I’ve been given very clear direction (i.e. given the image to use, plus the text, plus the preferred font) I skip all of this and move right to generating a good version.

I present the options to the client and once they’ve picked one, I take the chosen idea back to the studio and generate a good version. This gets sent to the client for final changes and/or approval. Sometimes I do a couple of versions of the clean image – usually involving a choice of fonts. Once approved, I do a clean, final version and send to the client.

Hope this explains it.