Inspiring Stuff

Here is a list of some of the top 10 things that inspire me and keep the creativity going…

  1. Reading – everything and anything
  2. Music – from all over the world
  3. Being outside – preferably either in the woods or near water
  4. Gardens – especially with quirky sculptures, hidden treasures
  5. Rain – in all its forms
  6. Children – who see the world in a unique way
  7. Art – I love galleries – not to see the famous works but to spend time with undiscovered pieces that are new to me.
  8. Sunshine – I’m a warm weather person – If I can be barefoot, I’m happy
  9. Food – particularly from different cultures.
  10. Colorful places – love to travel

I’m very much a sensory person – if it is rich in one of the senses, I’ll find inspiration there.