Grand Reopening

Yesterday was the Grand Reopening of Stacey Petzold Graphic Design in Ridgefield, CT. Although the company has been around for a number of years it relocated from Norwalk in late 2019 and a reopening was planned, when, like so many things, it was derailed as the world shut down due to Covid. 

Fresh off a move that involved getting kids settled into a new school system, and then dealing with all the changes that went along with hybrid learning, put a pause on things, but now, it is time. Although I never stopped designing, it was a lot quieter and my focus also shifted to more presentation and web related work as that became the way forward – zoom calls, less need for print materials, and so on.

I would very much like to thank the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce for organizing the ribbon cutting, with a special shout out to Diana Spence for all the coordinating. Also, thank you to my long term clients who have always believed in me – you know who you are. I appreciate all the opportunities (and they have been varied) that you have thrown in my direction. Thanks to my parents for being creative, out of the box thinkers and for passing that along. And finally, to my family, Joachim, Marigold & Felix, thanks for having my back and stepping in when I need you. I couldn’t do this without you.