Here are some thoughts on balance…

Balance is one of the fundamental principles of design. You can use to make a project dynamic, calm, etc. Balance, is more than just how a project looks, however, it’s also how the content ties to the design.

A lot of my presentation projects, for example, have to have a balance between business information (the items being presented – facts, data, etc.) and the design being used to convey them. Is it serious, lighthearted (but not frivolous), and so on. What is the industry? Is it mechanical, finance, education – all this plays a part. It is a case of creating balance between the factual and the visual.

But balance is so much more than just a design element. It is around you in everything.

Balance is one of the things you need to get a handle early on as a freelancer. Balance between client and clerical work, balance between ongoing and one-off projects, balance between tight deadlines and open-ended tasks are all important. And don’t forget the ever important, balance between work and private life. Revel in the downtime. Use it to feed your creativity. Use it to be inspired, to recharge.

Find the balance and you are well on your way.